The idea that artists should get together and invite people to visit their studios, thus stimulating a tour of the island in search for artists’ work, stemmed from the exchange with cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam, or Barcelona where similar events have taken place.

In May 2003 an artists' guide was published for the first time presenting 34 participants who initiated the campaign of open studios. The event was celebrated at Jacques & Babette’s place, in what originally was an old quarry, now a lush garden – visually as well as acoustically a magical scenery for the musicians, sponsors, exhibitors, and their guests alike.

This year’s artists' guide (2017) will be launched at the end of May, celebrated  on Wednesday, May 31, at the Palacio de Congresos, Santa Eulària with an exhibition of the works depicted in it. Shortly after, the artists' guide will be available at newspaper stalls as well as in the hotels, restaurants, and shops that sponsored its publication.

In addition to the printed version, it is available as an e-book on the iBook Store with the link below and soon at Amazon searching for Ruta del Arte.

Previous issues are available on with the link at the bottom.

The participants invite art lovers for a visit of their studio. The proposed tour of the island’s art scene extends to the whole season. Phoning for an appointment with the artist you plan to visit is the only precondition. In some cases, a sketch-map in the magazine will help to find the studio. Those with studios situated in hidden corners offer a meeting point on public grounds where visitors will be met and guided to the artist's place.

 In any case, a tour of artists' studios offers you an opportunity to explore Ibiza off the beaten trail.