Art Club News

Dear artists and art lovers,


After 15 years full of enthusiasm and initiatives, the Art Club comes to an end. The dissolution of the non-profit organization was initiated after the costs of its initiatives could not be completely covered for quite some time: fewer participating artists, fewer sponsors every year ...


The dissolution of the initiative's structure means that this year's RUTA DEL ARTE is the last of its kind.


The outdoor exhibitions LUNA LLENA DE ARTE will be continued by Aida on a new basis. More about this at the beginning of the new year ...


The website with the current artist gallery and the Facebook page will persist till end of May next year.


We thank all long-term and short-term participants and sponsors of our projects.


In view of the proliferation of artistis' associations in Ibiza (in the meantime 6 apart from the ART CLUB), there will be no shortage for artists and art lovers to reorganize themselves, as was the case when the ART CLUB was founded in 2003.