Art Club News

News, May 2017

Dear Friends,

As usual at this time of the year, news about the upcoming season:

Ruta del Arte 2017

The new edition of the artists' guide, Ruta del Arte, has gone to print. We will launch it at Palacio de Congresos, Sta. Eulalia, on Wednesday, May 31. As a highlight, the event counts on a performance by Foc i Fum, a group of actors. The accompanying exhibition of the works of art pictured in the guide will be on show till June 11. The digital version of the Ruta del Arte as an e-book is due sometime in June.

Participants in the Ruta del Arte: exhibits have to be handed in on Monday, May 29, between 9:30 am and 2 pm. The opening will be on Wednesday May 31 at 8 pm. Please remember to invite your sponsor(s) to the event (Invitations will be printed and may be collected at the ArtClub meeting, Wednesday at Bar Costa, Sta.Gertrudis, from May 10). Participants have to collect their work on Monday, June 12, between 10 am and 3 pm.

The exhibition has to be attended during the show by the exhibiting artists taking shifts. Opening hours will be Mo–Sun from 10 am – 1.30 pm and 5 to 8.30 pm. We hope for participants in the show to do a 3 and a half hour shift together with another artist. Please communicate soon when it would suit you to take your turn so the schedule will be complete in advance of the show.

Afterwards the magazines will be distributed which is to say that every participant  supplies his sponsor(s) with copies (again we want to emphasise that this is part of the deal: artists save on their contribution to the costs of printing in exchange for keeping their sponsors stocked with copies of the magazine). Copies of the magazine may be collected in Palacio de Congresos as long as the show is on. Please, take the opportunity and get your supply of magazines!

Luna llena de Arte

This year, Aida Miró will again be in charge of our outdoor art fair Luna llena de Arte. There will be 4 events of it in 2017, always in Sta. Gertrudis.

This year's dates, open from 7 p.m. to midnight:

 Sunday, June 11              Sta. Gertrudis (Plaza de la Iglesia)

 Sunday, July 9                Sta. Gertrudis (Plaza de la Iglesia)

 Wednesday, August 9    Sta. Gertrudis (Plaza de la Iglesia)

 Sunday, September 3    Sta. Gertrudis (Plaza de la Iglesia)

One of the challenges in the open is that there are no walls to hang paintings on. To be prepared, we will have to think up ways to improvise stalls that permit us to display the exhibits splendidly. (Easels will come to mind first but maybe they will not be the answer to everything. Tables should be avoided as they spoil the appearance of an art exhibition and give the impression of a market instead.

The terms for the Luna llena de Arte: Only artists exhibiting their own work – a selection of up to 7 originals (reproductions in a folder apart) – the equipment for the display (easels, pedestals, spotlights etc.) is to be supplied by the artist – the setting up of the stall must be completed at 7pm. Thanks to the support of the cultural departments, the amount each participant contributes to the costs of the publicity  and the staging of the event may be kept at 15 €.

A stall is supposed to be applied for in advance to the management (Aida, tel. 673 640 824, Chris, tel. 659 456 968).  Newly applying artists have to present examples of their work to the management before the exhibition. Especially performances, video projections and installations must be announced in advance, in order to be supplied with required media like a screen, a stage etc.  The Art Club of Ibiza reserves the right of admission to the exhibition.