Luna llena de Arte

Parallel to the initiative of opening artists’ studios for visitors, an informal art-fair in the open has been initiated in 2003. During five years, one or two times a month, the gardens of Las Dalias, a meeting place in the village of San Carlos hosting various events, became an exhibition where the artists presented their work on individual stands. While the Ruta del Arte invites you to come and see the work of resident artists in their own surroundings, the Noche del Arte offered monthly a panoramic view of the island’s art scene.


Get an impression of the  event and stream  the movie of one of the 'Art Nights' by clicking the link on the right.


In 2008, the art fair was renamed Domingo del Arte and (at the suggestion and with the support of the cultural departments) took place in various municipalities.


In 2013, our outdoor art fair changed its name to Luna llena de Arte as Aida Miró, took  charge of it,  There will be 4 events of it in 2017,  all in Santa Gertrudis this time.


This year's dates synchronise approximately with the full moon, open from 7 p.m. to midnight, and take place in the following municipalities:


Sunday, June 11                 Sta. Gertrudis (Plaza de la Iglesia)

Sunday, July 9                    Sta. Gertrudis (Plaza de la Iglesia)

Wednesday, August 9        Sta. Gertrudis (Plaza de la Iglesia)

Sunday, September 3         Sta. Gertrudis (Plaza de la Iglesia)


Special highlights of the events will be  performances, video projections and installations. But as they use to come up fairly spontaneously there is  no anouncement to be made yet.