Ibiza – an island in the Balearic archipelago in the western Mediterranean which together with the smaller Formentera forms the Pityusas – has attracted renowned artists from all over the world for more than a century. Long before tourism flourished they came in search for a refuge, and found a kind of freedom which inspired them. Since the air of the island keeps encouraging creativity in many others, a strikingly heterogeneous scene of artists gathered – from writers and poets to musicians, painters, sculptors, architects, to photographers, movie directors, video artists....Since the individualism is deeply rooted, and their work arises from different contexts, they may have different styles and ideas. Nevertheless this remarkable set of creative people occasionally joins forces bridging their differences and testing their potential.

The Art Club Ibiza is an association of visual artists of different origins, resident in Ibiza. Their aim is to present events which make their works available to the public.

Two initiatives started in 2003, and were to be repeated annually:

• Under the title „Ruta del Arte” a wide range of visual Artists open their studios and invite for a visit.

• Under the title "Luna llena de Arte" open air exhibitions are being held at varying public locations. With the support of the cultural departments, a panoramic display of art made on the island unfolds various times every season.

In addition to these regular events, which include a fair number of participants, on other occasions there are shows or performances on a smaller scale. For details on individual exhibitions featuring artists of the Art Club see page „News“.

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